PayPal Alternative

While PayPal was once the go-to payment solution for online merchants, the days of having limited payment gateway options for your e-commerce store are gone. Now there’s an abundance of PayPal alternatives that provide an equal or better set of features — and they cost you much less. Try MONEI as your alternative to Payflow (PayPal’s payment gateway), to take advantage of the best payment gateway rates.
MONEI’s architecture and solution for digital and e-commerce payment processing were presented at Amazon’s AWS Startup Architecture of the Year Program (Iberia region) — and we won! We take user satisfaction, reliability, and security very seriously and strive to innovate online payments so you can offer your customers as many payment methods as possible.
In the online payments ecosystem, you see PayPal everywhere. But there are other — more affordable — options out there. MONEI has the lowest transaction fees on European credit cards right now.
Benefit from lower payment gateway fees, so you have more money to reinvest and grow your e-commerce business. 3D Secure Payments ensure that you and your customers are protected.
Easily integrate MONEI with your e-commerce platform using our API and dev documentation. You’ll be ready to sell in minutes.
With PayPal, you can often experience downtimes, leaving you and your customers without service. Avoid hurting your reputation by switching to a more reliable solution.
MONEI allows you to customize and brand your store’s checkout experience. Unlike PayPal, we are a white label solution: ensuring your customers only see your branding at checkout, not ours.
Become a verified merchant, and enjoy our revolutionary 1-day payment settlement system.
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PayPal Alternative