Ethereum powered fiat pair tokens

Global, Fast, Secure

100% Free transactions!
Unlike most of the Blockchain based transactions, MONEI transactions are 100% free
Blazing fast & secure
Blockchain powered real time worldwide transactions
Event based transactions
Create transactions (send MONEI's) based on events (fully flexible API to process payments)

Why did we create the MONEI tokens?

Because we like Bitcoin, but we see a real lack of crypto to fiat liquidity. We've been in the ecommerce world with Shopify and Shopify Payments for more than 10 years already and we believe there should be alternatives to Bitcoin which really make the difference for Blockchain - IOTA powered financial transactions.

Are you planning to do an ICO?

Not really, not now at least. We focus on our service and on building something which solves real problems.

Genesis Release: April 2018