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Simplest pricing on Earth. MONEI has no setup fees, no monthly fees, no card storage fees.

Fees per transaction for European cards Interchange + 5* 1,4 % + 0,25 € 3,9 % + 0,35 €
Settlement Daily 7 Days Manual

*MONEI's Interchange plus pricing is the most competitive rate found on the Internet and adds just 5 basis points and 5 cents per transaction above Standard Interchange Rates. This plan is specifically geared towards customers with an average ticket price of LESS THAN $100. For Advanced Shopify users, this plan offers the most competitive processing rates even when figuring in Shopify's additional fees for 3rd party processing companies.

MONEI monthly volume: $24,195, average ticket: $43,60 and total fees with MONEI: $700

with Shopify payments: monthly volume: $24,195, average ticket: $43,60 and total fees with MONEI: $748

That's a $576 savings per year with MONEI!

Do you have a huge business?

We offer customized pricing. If your volume is larger than 100,000 per month, contact us.


Nice words from our happy cutomers

MONEI is our best bet when it comes to Shopify payments: reasonable rates, human customer support, and daily settlements!
Gustavo Gonzalez - CTO
Moving my Shopify store to accept payments with MONEI has been the best decision I ever made on my ecommerce journey: Increased conversions by 40% & I forget about sending money from my PayPal account manually!
Marta Castro - CEO
With MONEI we save more than 50,000/year in payment gateways fees!
Monica Mora - Director
Start now! No monthly fees. No setup fees.