Mollie Alternative

Looking for an alternative to Mollie to integrate online payments into your e-commerce site? MONEI is here to help.

MONEI’s architecture and digital payments solution were presented at Amazon’s AWS Startup Architecture of the Year Program (Iberia region) — and we won! We take user satisfaction, reliability, and security very serious and strive to innovate online payments so you can offer your customers as many payment methods as possible.

Use our API to quickly and easily integrate MONEI with your e-commerce platform, so you can provide the best customer experience. With the prebuilt payment page you can customize the design of your checkout page with your logo and brand colors. And ensure your customers get redirected to your domain during checkout, not ours.

Watch your profits increase with a dynamic pricing model. As your online payments increase, your transaction fees will decrease in real time.

Giving your customers as many payment methods as possible to choose from can have a positive impact on your conversion rate. New local payment methods get added to MONEI everyday including Bizum and pay later solutions. Boost your customer experience by allowing your customers to choose how they pay.

MONEI is a Shopify partner so you can quickly and easily integrate with Shopify as well as other e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce (Wix, Magento, and PrestaShop are in the works).

There are several advantages to choosing MONEI as your alternative to Mollie for your payment gateway solution.
- Benefit from lower translation fees so you can save money to reinvest and grow your business
- Multilingual customer support and user dashboard
- Customizable Pay By Link feature so you can process manual payments
- Revolutionary 1-day payment settlement system (available once you become a verified merchant)
- 3D Secure Payments protect you and your customers
- Full white label solution for financial institutions and banks, customers will only see your branding, not ours

With MONEI, you’ll never have to worry about losing money when you issue a refund. Whether you process a full refund or a partial refund, your transaction fee is refunded in full or for the percentage of the value that you return to your customer. You can go directly to the transaction list in your dashboard to issue refunds.

Ready to simplify your digital payments? Join MONEI today!

Mollie Alternative